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About the Infectious Disease Cost Calculator

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The Infectious Disease Cost Calculator (IDCC) was conceptualized and developed by a team of experts at the UPMC Center for Health Security.

IDCC Project Team

Fred Selck, MA, Contributing Scholar

Crystal Boddie, MPH, Associate (formerly Crystal Franco)

Amesh Adalja, MD, FACP, Senior Associate

Senior Advisors

Anita Cicero, JD, Chief Operating Officer

Tom Inglesby, MD, Chief Executive Officer

IDCC Expert Panel Members and Role

Duane Gubler, ScD, Professor, Department of Tropical Medicine University of Hawaii, USA

David Sack MD, Professor, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA

The IDCC team works with a panel of known subject matter experts who will serve as a resource to assist us in evaluating both data submitted from users and newly published data. The expert panel will provide us with strategic guidance but is not responsible for the content of the calculator or the final editorial decisions of the IDCC team.

Creative and Programming Team

Graphic Design: Davia Lilly

Calculator application: Intarion

Implementation support: Systems Alliance

Editorial Policies

The Infectious Disease Cost Calculator (IDCC) and this companion website are published by the UPMC Center for Health Security, Baltimore, Maryland, 2013. Copyright © 2014 UPMC.

Editorial Policies and Procedures: This website is produced and maintained by the UPMC Center for Health Security and does not purport to advance any official positions of UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). The UPMC Center for Health Security maintains editorial control of all materials published on this site, and unless noted otherwise, all materials posted on this site have been authored and edited by Center staff.

Permission to Reprint, Adapt, or Disseminate Materials from This Website: The UPMC Center for Health Security encourages use of this website for the purpose of estimating the costs of infectious diseases; therefore, we do not require end users to obtain permission to reproduce and distribute the IDCC estimates, but we do ask that you cite the IDCC and the UPMC Center for Health Security as the source.

Permission is required to reproduce and distribute other information from this site. Please contact the IDCC team if you have questions regarding permission to use or disseminate our materials:

Links: If you would like to place a link on your website to the IDCC homepage, please feel free to do so. You may post a link without requesting our permission. Links from third-party websites to the IDCC website must not contain distasteful or offensive content, must not imply an endorsement by the UPMC Center for Health Security, and must not knowingly present false or misleading information to the user.

We provide links to other websites as a convenience. The UPMC Center for Health Security does not necessarily endorse information present on third-party websites, and the existence of a link does not imply any affiliation.

IDCC Change Policy

If you have suggestions for ways we might improve our cost model, refine our source data, or enhance IDCC functionality, please send us an email. The merit of each suggestion will be evaluated by the project team, in consultation with infectious disease experts as needed, to further improve the calculator.

In general, changes and updates will be made to the IDCC when:

  • new case data are released annually;
  • a change is requested that is reasonable, sound, and supported by citations; and
  • new peer-reviewed literature is published that affects the IDCC data or methodology.


For the purpose of understanding who uses our data and for making contacts that may help us improve the IDCC data and cost model, we require a brief registration of those who wish to download the IDCC spreadsheets to gain access to the complete data set and assumptions. Personal information acquired through registration is limited and for UPMC Center for Health Security internal use only. We will not share, rent, sell, or otherwise make public information submitted to us through the registration form.